Forsaken Phantasm songs (to be released soonish):

-A Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe
     :::Acoustic piano with some violin (acoustic or electric violin to be determined); my first true song, written as a final project for Mrs. Gauen's 11th grade English class.:::
-Evil Experiment
     :::My first recording attempt; electric violin tracks with distorted vocals.:::
     :::Acoustic piano and violin duet (acoustic or electric violin to be determined); written in Febrary 2002.:::
-The True Story
     :::Fucked upedness and ambiguous ideas.
        "like techno-ish ghostly ambience or somethin." --RexMugituum:::

-Derranged and Detained
     :::Electric keyboard, electric violin and vocals, blended into a decidedly demented bipolar piece, with both grating dissonance and lyrical classical styles, melded together with randomly styled interludes.:::
-Sprial ((Into the Void))
     :::Acoustic piano and vocals; a sad popsong of sorts.:::
-Speculative Syntax
     :::Electric keyboard, electric violin, and vocals; ambient and brooding.:::
-Endless Dreams
     :::Electric violin and haunting vocals, singing of many a sleepless night.:::
     :::Heartbroken/angry woman rock rolled into one.:::
-The Other Side
     :::To be determined (a Black Robes original).:::
-Dark Star (improvisational piece)
     :::A Mark Wood original jam groove with electric violin. Dark, mysterious, and memorable.:::
-To Forget
     :::Haunting vocal experiments. Synth beats drive the jamming violins through this sad transition of my life. Realization. Nostalgia.:::
-The Orange Soda Song
     :::Crazy happiness stemmed from noctournal habits aided by orange soda and beautiful D. kitties!:::
-The Tambourine
     :::A gypsy that doesn't know how to play a tambourine with two violin companions on crack.:::
-Cracksmokin' Fish
     :::Ehh... crack seems to be a key element in my music right now... and my fish sure does smoke lots!:::
     :::Don't ask...:::
-Fucking Insane
     :::Furstrations of the "civilized" world.:::
-Birthday Song
     :::The birthday song for my little sis, inspired by my incredibly annoying birthday wakeup (jumping on her bed yelling happy birthday).:::
-Mechanical Gypsy
     :::Themes from The Tambourine recreated into a gypsy song; mega-bass and futuristic drum fx.:::
-Walri 'R' Us
     :::Composed of two songs created one very productive artnight; it's the song of the Walri. Trippy bass and voice mixing.:::
-Before You
     :::Dark but loving 4track experiment; all vocals and Viper.:::
-Birthday Dadsong
     :::My dad's birthday song... with this song, I have created a belief that I wrote "Happy Birthday"; mellow, chimey synth drums mixed with reminiscing strings.:::
     :::Too pop to ever release...? Maybe.:::
     :::A trip to the beach!.:::
     :::Mega bass, brooding drums, Middle Easternish chords mixed into a haunting trip into the unknown.:::
-kAboOm! ((the Momsong))
     :::My mom's birthday song; only by listening closely can the Happy Birthday theme be discerned (thanks a lot Mister Devil...); upbeat fiddle mania with random interludes.:::
-Memoirs of a Blank Page
     :::First of a series of two violin/piano trios.:::
-Duct Tape for the Girl in the Glasses
     :::Justin and Forsaken have serious problems.:::
-Heart Times Infinity
     :::Another song for my lovely Devinkitty.:::

Full songs can be found at www.Soundclick.com as Forsaken Phantasm and the Shadow People and www.Podsafeaudio.com under the name Ghost of Gelsomina.

Forsaken Phantasm uses:

A shitty Yamaha PSR-75 keyboard with dried milk (yes, dried milk) and such stuck in the keys, a Kawai baby grand piano, a custom made 6-string Mark Wood Viper, a Pierre Dumas bow, a Lisle acoustic violin, D'Addario and Dominant Infeld Blue strings, Shure microphones (old ones from the 70s or so), random instruments lying around the house, and a BOSS BR-532 recorder.

Cubase is the current music computer program used.



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